Sunday, April 4, 2010


*nervous chuckle* Firstly- I LOVE KE$HA! Not HER so much as her music. Makes me jive-it's on the list. "Your Love Is My Drug"- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! love it love it love it love it love it love it!!!

The last 2 days?- absolutely teeming with tomfoolery. Friday I attended Geog 4100 and sluffed out on Math because I had too much to do before the swim reunion, then down to the city with Evan and his family. And when I say I had "too much to do", I just mean that if I hadn't skipped out, I would have slighted a much needed sweat lock, and some time to mentally prepare myself for what was coming. And it WAS needed. I was feeling all sorts of un-glued and even lilylivered (wowzer, I finally found a place to use that word! Score!) about seeing everyone from swim- but OBVIOUSLY more so from Evan's family. Swim was child's play. A frosted cake walk. And BY the way-does that cupcake cause anyone else to salivate like a starving canine?

The reunion went well.
I caught up with everyone, except Brooke though- which was entirely counter productive since that was the reason for going. I did get to hold and snuggle and kiss her new baby which was wonderful and it was enjoyable to see everyone. It's always so interesting because we look like a bunch of misfit fools-and tools-. How we all became friends, or remain "friends" all depends on the experiences we've had together in the past. Because it's not like any of us are actually keeping up on {{present lives.}} Sure, I've got some close friends and I DO know their every.single.move. basically- in an uncreepy way or course *shifty eyes*-but for the most part I'm not in contact with anyone, mm everyone?. So we snicker, knee slap, and reminisce on the past because.. it's all we've got. I wonder when the collapse of past stories will wear out for good and we'll all detach completely?
Or maybe those stories and memories have enough cohesive to keep most of us together-forever? It'll be interesting to see what pans out with "the posse". That's a good song idea...

It was superlative.
Evan snatched me from home- how he remembers WHERE I dwell, I'll NEVER know because he's only been there once-and it was [dark]- and it's not like he knows my hub like the back of his hand? Maybe he just has a sensational memory. Anyway- I met his sister Sharla. Isn't that name romantic? And- I was stunned- in a good way. She's gorgeous, SO funny like Evan, a wonderful voice, and we became good friends almost instantly. The trip began with us getting pulled over and poor Evan getting a ticket because he was going 40mph in a residential area. "Crooked cops?" "Yeah right, you should have watched the signs". I suppose I should have said something- if I'd NOTICED how fast he was going! I was too busy concentrating on if I was being social enough, funny enough, and just.. congenial.
Hilarious. The cop marked it down for 9. Sidenote? I really want to go on a motorcycle ride. NOW.

The trip down was marvelous. I kicked back, sipped my imaginary pina colada and enjoyed the way they babbled about their family, all the comical stories and insanity- I've never met a family with more relishable drama-which was good for me. Once down we checked into a SWEET hotel, dropped Sharla and her friends off with some Brazillian family-yup-, went to dinner (our first official official official date) and then strolled around the boondocks like hoodlums. Neither of us knew the city well so we wandered around and found some pretty sweet crumbling churches, a gargantuas clock tower, houses we wanted to IKEA (great verb), homeless people, windows to look in -in an uncreepy way, a couple mortuaries, a sweet dark chocolate astro van that caused me to burst into tears because of the sheer untainted beauty of it, and ya know.. other things.
After taking me up to my room he left and I quickly readied for bed. EXHAUSTED. As soon as my pillow touched my head I crashed instantly. Only to be woken up at 2 by Sharla and her friends- and I have to say in that moment I almost threw this whole thing in the bag and drowned it in a river, but then I realized that MOST of the time when I'm tired I'm completely unreasonable and irrational. I patiently waited for them to quiet down and FINALLY turn off the lights again and was out again promptly.

It's what 18 year olds do right?
I'm sure I was just as inconsiderate and retarded sometimes.

We went to Conference (but that deserves a whole different entry) It was affecting Anyway, after the 2nd session we changed ( my poor feet wanted to cut themselves off and run away), and then took Evan back for the priesthood session. Us girls went and checked out IKEA- the first time I'd ever been in there- and it was AMAZING. After some delicious fat free frozen yogurt we went shopping at the outdoor mall. It was fun to just browse, look at shoes, try on clothes, dangle jewlery and act like girls. WONDERFUL. I'd love spending time with his family. And we got along so freaking well. I had nothing to worry about, all the stress for absolutely no reason.

Then we headed back. Picked up E, went to Cracker Barrel for dinner-then home sweet home where I again crashed because of fatigue.

And now it's Easter! And I MISS him.

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