Monday, April 5, 2010

256 {my small rebellions}

Assaulting my neighborhood and freeways with loud music
Wearing neon colored undershirts to work out in at the gym.
Blatantly loathing winter months.
Not watching T.V. or movies with David Bowie.
Refusing to put music on my blog (s).
Not eating hot dogs.

Love {{sick}} crack head.

I'm skipping school today.
It's a bad idea. SO bad. I should be there to support Jessica through her presentation on Environmental Justice, and I probably should have tried to meet with my Geog 4100 group to discuss our final Personal Consumption project-but truth be told I think it will be thrown together at the last minute. Marla hasn't sent me the links I need and I personally haven't done further research. I tried about a week ago but the search was fruitless because our topic was far to broad. I'm also skipping math. I don't have a snowballs chance in heck (woah) of passing the class now-I bombed the test pretty badly-, but hopefully with what I've learned this semester I can get further in over summer and somehow be ready for the next one come fall.

Speaking of Fall registration- that starts in about 2 weeks. I need to get my classes together pronto.

In happier news I figured some more things out with E and I'm feeling much better about the whole thing. I lost 4lbs at weigh in yesterday which is FANTASTIC because I've been stuck at this set point for about 2 months. That's 42lbs in a little under 5 months. I'm 3-6% away from being at the fat ratio I SHOULD be at for my body type-it's so close I can taste it, and it's delicious.

Along with that it's time to go shopping. I pulled out all my spring/summer attire and tried things on. Absolutely nothing fits well. None of my shorts work-at all-, and all my shirts are super loose and unflattering. Last years swim suit doesn't work either. While I'm excited about getting a new summer wardrobe- I'd be MORE excited if I had sufficient funds to put some things together but.. I'm going to have to go frugally into this quest.

But I'm ready.

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