Monday, April 19, 2010


"You should know that if I'm too busy to talk to you,
that I'm WAY to busy to talk to anyone else."

ErmK. Now I know.

Restlessness leads to lists.
So here we go.

If I could be an animal right now? MOTH.
The first thing I notice about someone-anyone? TEETH
Favorite genre of music now? HIPHOP
TV shows-now? Biggest Loser, Bones and Universal Sports (the whole channel)
Favorite food currently? POTATOES
Beverage always? WATER WATER WATER
The appliance I use the most? WASHER AND DRYER
The appliance I use the least? OVEN
Text or call? TEXT
Indoor-Outdoor? OUTDOOR
Bob or Jillian? BOTH
Anywhere in the world-right now? AMUSEMENT PARK or LASER TAG
Shower or Bathe? BATHE
A song lyric that's been stuck in my head? "What's somebody like you, doing in a place like this?"
First person to text me this morning? SCOTT
First person to send me a picture? NICOLE
Photos or videos? PHOTOS
Emails or letters? LETTERS
Early bird-Night owl? EARLY BIRD
Rich and disabled-Poor and able? POOR AND ABLE
Favorite movie right now? SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS 2
Favorite song? IMPOSSIBLE
Favorite country(ies) I've visited? ITALY/SICILY
If I were a type of fruit what would I be? CHERRY?

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