Sunday, May 2, 2010

274 {be the change you want to see in the world}

It's Sunday afternoon. ( a late post, I wanted to finish it)
What the?
I've been feeling sick as a.. sick person all day long. Mostly comatose, perusing Goblet of Fire, texting friends and snuggling with the canines. My stomach is unhappy, mystifying headaches and weird sinus pressure- muscle tension- most of it I'm accrediting to {{allergies}} (get your prescription Chels) but the rest I'm not sure. Maybe the Iraqi food we consumed last night? It was the first time I've ever eaten lamb...

Freak. Who cares.
I've had some time on my hands (time.. on.. my.. hands- good sketch idea) and I decided to write.
About what? I was thinking about all the chums that really just seem larger than life to me. I asked Evan for a topic while brainstorming-cause he's sweet like that- and he said "Aliens?". The irony made us chuckle. Him first. Then me.
So here I am, blogging about aliens.

The first one?
Well, the one who provided the thought- that seems appropriate.
So Evan. "the" Evanator".
Evan is an alien because he has an incomprehensible heart of solid, untainted, GOLD. I don't understand it. I find myself thinking about it all the time because my head can't wrap itself around something that incredible. It's not just to me that he's shown considerable kindness and intense respect- but it's a way of life with the way he communicates and interacts with his family. And I'm 100% sure that's how he is with everyone. I wonder what makes him that way- that good, that reasoned- is that something natural, or does he have his wonderful family to thank for all the common sense he's gained and learned to use? Either way Evan is larger than life- and an alien because of those reasons.

He reminds me of daddy.
He's second on the alien list (but only because Evan was the one that provided the thought)
My dad. MY daddy. DADDY. He is UN-FREAKING-REAL. I've never seen him lose his temper. I've never heard him say a bad word about anyone (alright, except maybe Obama but who would blame him?). He is honest and wise and wonderful- and I love the way that he treats mom. I'd be lucky to find someone like my dad to make a part of my own branch of family, and I really hope that I can be deserving of that. He's smart and funny, everyone loves him-myself included and he deserves every happiness this world has to offer. I don't know how it happened for him. He came from a poor family and a hard childhood. He didn't learn from HIS dad, because I know there was some struggle there but he's managed and is one of the most important people in my life.. FOREVER. Daddy- you ARE an alien.

the Kemptons-ARE aliens.
Ah! I love Jess and Jason! I don't know how to explain why they are-what they are-but they just ARE. I haven't met another 2 people in the world that love each other more (with the exception of my parents) and that love others just as much. Everyone is worth something to them. They always point out the good things, they never talk down or diminish anyone-even though in their circumstances I figure they'd have the right top (horrible as that may sound). They love their friends like family and no one is ever forgotten. You know you're getting the honest to goodness truth when you confide in them, and they are ALWAYS willing to help out someone less fortunate than they are. I'll never forget the day that Jason bought me an apple along with other sweets because he knew that I was trying to be healthy- I want to be like HIM and remember things like that because I honestly felt more cared about in that moment that several others.

Meggae. ALIEN is written all over that girls face.
She knows why- and it's not something I can articulate correctly into words but.. we know.
Soul mate 4ever baby!

Some other people that just stand out to me right now is:

Jarren Poulsen
Mike Goonan
My sister Talisa

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