Saturday, May 1, 2010


It all started with a Kohls $10 gift card.
It was free, arrived in the mail-a surprise! I should be excited right? RIGHT?!? But. What was I going to do with it? It's always a dilemma when I get "free" money and I HAVE to use it by a certain time or else I lose the "free" money. So of course I waited to the last day because of COURSE the one week that I don't actually need anything-or don't need anything from Kohls I get this. How do they always KNOW!?

So I thought about what I would do before I went into the store because I knew my options would be limited-and I tend to just wander around aimlessly for hours if I don't like.. maybe some kind of plan. Socks? A couple pairs of cute panties? 2 pairs of flip flops? Jewelery? Maybe a belt or scarf? Wait- spring is coming-what the crap would I need a scarf for? I got it! Maybe I could use my $10 gift card- to buy ANOTHER gift card that I could use whenever I want this year?

Tried running THAT by the lady and she said "no" and looked at me like I was a //freak show\\ Well, she may have got that right. So there was the pressure again.

I wandered around in there for about {{2 hours}}. Some of that I accredit to bumping into Nichelle, who was looking for a cute shirt for a hot date with her fiance'! I'm so proud of Mike. Because sometimes I feel like dating stops for some people once they get that beautiful ring on the left hand. But that's besides the point and not at all on topic. I tried on ugly flip flops that they hadn't managed to sell to anyone else. Big fluffy scarfs that I'd only need if it was mid-winter in the North Pole- wait- it's always winter there.. I looked at kitchen things, maybe I could buy a spatula?

Ugh. Well I ended up in the jewelery section checking out the bohemian items. Yeah.
Yes I bought some earrings. Why? I don't know? I have PLENTY of earrings. I didn't even REALLY want them, they were just there and I HAD to spend the money.

Don't get me wrong. I'm wearing them right now. They dangle- a turquoise bead is separated by copper and the bottom part of the earring is mustard yellow with some kind of sweet design engraved in it. Freak. I'll just post a picture but.. yeah.

I got a lot today though, despite the stress.
I deep cleaned the kitchen ( which now is already a TOTAL mess)
I cleaned the mud room, organized shoes, and threw out all sorts of things since my mom was gone ( she's a packrat, but she'll never notice all the things I got rid of).
I swept and scrubbed, scraped AND I cleaned out the fridge- it was a daunting task but I managed.
Cleaned my room.
Made birthday sugar cookies for Scott ( he acted like a freak show about it-hm?)
Ran 10 miles. YES I DID IT!
And now I'm chillin' eating Iraqi food and watching bones on
And writing on this.
Texting the Evanator.

It's been a good day.
It certainly has.

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