Friday, May 14, 2010

279 {a sideways and upside down bit of road}

Alright, well things were really awesome while they lasted and I am 100% grateful and happy that it happened.. too bad there just wasn't a lot of chemistry- too bad that THAT'S super important right? Right?

Yeah. Right.

But it's cool, we are best friends! And it's great! Love talking to him, can't wait to hang out with him and have an awesome adventure! And it'll be awesome.

Things are good, and I have many things to thank for that.
Tomorrow will be super fun. I'm going up to the hot springs with Clayton and Nicole, and Matt's coming. He's pretty sweet, served in Australia ( so we have a little bond which is nice) and I'm excited to have some time to try and get to know him again.. because he kinda disappeared off the face of the Earth for awhile.

So tomorrow around 2:30 the adventure begins.
I'm so tired- I guess 5 hours of working off stress and frustration, and the entire range of human emotions will do that to you. But it was nice to chill with Annica and I finally got to see how Greg runs his Club Fit classes. Natalie was a gem and let me attend boot camp-the two classes in a row, and now my body is nice and sore-worked out-and feeling good.

Plus the endorphins don't suck. AT ALL.
There was some really sweet weather and I just connected with an old OLD friend from facebook so that was exciting.

The weather is good. And work is starting soon.
And there's something new and exciting in the works and undercover. For now.
So stay tuned, those of you that give a crap :)

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