Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So I'm thinking that I need to probably start making "to-do" lists. I don't have much to do until Memorial Day because that's when work starts. I'm not doing summer school-at least this first half-possibly the second half. We'll see. I still have to decide a few things.

Because of that I've just been sleeping a lot and worrying about things that I don't NEED to be worried about. The curse of a non busy life.

So today:
I need to hang up my laundry.
Get rid of that turquoise pillow.
De junk my room because somehow it's become more cluttered since school ended.
Vacuum and scrub the baseboards.
Wash my hair ( yeah, that's on the list)
Work out.
Clean the kitchen-that's probably a good idea.
Oh. And my car.

I'm restless, I just need to get out of town but the trip just keeps getting pushed back further and further. Last night was really fun though. I went over to Nicole's and we replanted all the plants they've been given in pretty pots and things, and then we made some nachos and watched a couple episodes of Bones. It was nice to just sit and chat. Giggle and chuckle.

I'm thinking about heading back up to the Burg.
But we'll see.

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