Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Alright. the last couple of days (has it been weeks since I've written on this thing?) have been wild.
Work has started and with it the weight of worrying about money-if I have it or not-has been lifted off my shoulders. And can I just say that the world is a little brighter, I'm smiling more, I feel productive and worth something. It's SUCH a good feeling to be employed- and not just that but to be employed at something that I KNOW I'm good at.

Wow. It feels great.
There's already been some drama- I went all last summer without having to make a save but my second day on the job I had to dive in after 2 little kids. Alright, the first one actually probably would have been ok- it looked like she was swimming alright-but then she looked straight up at me and called for help so.. not wanting to be sued I jumped in ( she was fine though). The other one though, wow- it really scared me and the parents treated me like a moron for saving her.

"She was fine."
"If she was fine I wouldn't have had to dive in and grab her off the bottom."
"She's been over here most of the time."
"No she hasn't- there are 3 guards here that have been concerned about her for the past 2 hours."
"Well, we only just turned around for a second."
"Ok well even if I believed that sometimes a second is all it takes- and for the record-that was one ridiculously long second."

I just hate stupid parents- and I love that this job is going to make me a better one when the time comes. (Ben was right)
So that's been exciting, and it's felt so good to be outside and making new friends. I was worried about co-workers but this year we've got some pretty sweet people that are working with me- and I can't wait to meet and chill with all of them!

I've been sick for a little while. I'm not really sure what's been happening because I'm not one to get sick very often or very seriously. But it's been weird. 11 lbs lost and still dropping, of course most of it's water weight because I can't even keep down a cup of water. I have headaches because I'm so dehydrated, and I'm irritable and just feeling jibbled because this just.. doesn't happen to me.

Intestinal infection.
That's what it is, but I don't actually KNOW what that means ya know?
I don't really care, as much as I just want it to go away.

So.. since that's been going on I've been reading alot, and I'm now in Season 3 of lost ( near the end though-which is exciting!) and chillaxing.

Today I felt good enough to go play some volleyball with some friends. It was fun, it even rained a little which was refreshing. Scott came so that was fun and all around I had a REALLY good time.
I'm really proud of Jarren. Some crazy things have happened in the last couple of weeks and I've worried about the ultimate end result but I'm glad to say that things are going good for him and he's got a good head on his shoulders about everything. I'm glad he's not going back into a situation where he could get hurt- and he used my advice.

He told me I was right when I said that you can tell a lot about a person by who their best friend is- and that became very apparent when that was all explained at his lunch with the woman in question.

But I'm glad he gets it.
I'm feeling like some sour patch kids.....

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