Friday, June 4, 2010


{Tonight was awesome.}
{TODAY was awesome.}

I snoozed right on through the shallow water aerobic training this morning (okay, that wasn't so awesome). Apparently I'm supposed to just show up to a couple- see what's going on- figure out how to make it my own and then I'm being launched into teaching classes in about a week. I'm actually REALLY excited about it. It'll be a nice to change to just sitting in a chair to teaching the woman (and few men that come) how to work out in the water. And I'll get a nice little work out as well!

So around noon I went to lunch at Costa Vida with Sarah. It was.. lunch. Costa Vida has the most amazing shredded chicken salad ever. It was great. Top that off with a styrofoam cup of ice cold water and badda bing badda boom. Perfect!
A couple hours later I headed to the pool for an extra hour to help pull mats, and then we had a meeting with the HR reps from the city, a customer service lady come in and talk to use about.. ya know.. being a good employee (smiling and such) and then we had a workshop about sexual harassment.

All in all, common sense. I honestly don't know why he had to go through all that but.. I'm not on city counsel and don't ever plan on being on it so I guess I just.. do what I have to do.

Headed to the gym, worked out pretty hard. I'm pretty impressed. I stopped doing all the classes to see if I figured out a way to keep variety in my workout. And this week I've succeeded on my own. Of course I still have Patrick on Saturday mornings- which is great, but I've been worried about my weight creeping back up because I'm not training with trainers ya know. But I've maintained and I've found ways to do different excersizes so I'm not getting bored or stuck in a set routine.

It was great.
Tonight I got a surprise.

I was sitting on facebook just chatting and checking out some blogs. Scott started booking me asking what I was up to- what could I say? "I'm so super busy...." Yeah, I mean I was on facebook. So he asked if he could come over.

I was like, well yeah but I don't have ANYTHING planned for what we could do. I kinda freaked out about it because I've been down that road before, I put alot of myself and alot of work into that relationship before and in the end he didn't see me the way that I thought he did. So I backed off, and have been doing my own thing, and honestly haven't even really been thinking about him. He's been trying to hang out a bunch, so I gave in and he came over.

We actually had a really great time. We talked, played some Jenga. And then he helped me make some more stepping stones for our garden (what a good sport), we had some ice cream. Talked some more. He ended up staying longer than he originally planned. Invited me to go hiking tomorrow morning and.. it was great.

I'm really comfortable around him and I'm glad we're friends. And it was really nice to have someone want to come and spend some one on one chill time with me. It didn't have to be intricate or super planned ( like I was freaking out about how it wasn't) but it ended up being really sweet. He fits in with my family well, and I don't feel weird about my parents or siblings joining in on our conversation or anything like I do with alot of the boys I've liked.. or have liked and it hasn't worked out.

So tonight was pleasant.
And I'm glad I told him he could come over.
I hope we stay friends FOREVER. And that he'll always be there to do some odd crazy random things with me and just be CHILL with it.

So sweet.

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