Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have a day off from work today! I went running and did some weights already! It was really nice, because yesterday I didn't find the time to do an ACTUAL work out. It was nice to be in the gym again, even though the sunshine peaking into all corners of the facility was tempting. I just can't focus outside the way that I can inside. And let's face it, I'm a treadmill runner, not an outside runner.

As much as I love the fresh air and sunshine, I can't control the speed, the incline, I can't clock the miles and a treadmill does all those things and more for me. I like being in control of my work out because otherwise it just feels like.. physical activity with no real health benefits. I don't know why *shrugs*

So I have a couple of things that I still need to get finished.
Finish up preparing my visiting teaching message.
Clean my room-vac, dust, organize, etc.
UM lunch, because I just realized I'm starving.
I'd really like to straighten my hair- but I might just leave it curly.
Clean up the kitchen and computer area for my mom.
Figure out this New Zealand trip with my parents.
I need to figure out a way to make some more money, or get more hours at the pool.
Figure out my tithing before I-ya know-forget.
And I'm sure there are a few other things.

I'd like to get together and put a game of tennis, or cardio tennis together cause that would be cool. Or frisbee, or just go and kick around a soccer ball or something.
And I really need to write a letter to Maria- what a sweetheart!

LMF (love my life)

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