Monday, July 5, 2010

307 [be the example; spread hope]

{{I'm a late afternoon person.}}

I'm all about mornings.. and evenings but there's something about the way sunlight sparkles on everything in the late afternoon. Every blush in the cosmos is more vibrant, sensitive and shimmered like the whole thing is done up elegantly with atmospheric make up. It makes sense, as late afternoon seems to be the most romantic and passionate time of the day, what better time then to embellish and come out matchless?- perhaps that's why I'm so smitten with it-because I think I myself feel most desirable during the late afternoon. The lighting ya know?
Tonight was eye catching.

I closed tonight at the swimming pool, and lucky me, I ended my shift at the top of the slides! It was flawless because of the holiday, not too crowded, and the people that DID come to relish "Adam's ale" left early. So there I was with a birds eye view of the facility, water glinting here and there, a seductive breeze curling the dark tresses of hair around my face, I've always enjoyed the tickle across my back and the way it plays in my eyelashes. The heat from the sun is intense, but not unpleasant. I glanced out towards where the sun was starting it's descent into the mountains. Not a cloud in the sky, but birds encompassing the blue celebrating the last little bit of daylight dissolving rapidly.
It's easy to think about the hard things going on in my life right now with a sense of hope and security that things will work out okay, when the world looks like this. It's easy to see things in a clearer perspective. Easy to take a step back and re-evaluate. I've almost got it.

A chorus of whistles blow and I take a few moments to absorb every drop and drip of this solitary moment to it's absolute fullest. Relief, even if it's for only a second.
Then it's time to hop down the stairs and help close up.

The spells broken.


So here's the thing, I need a project- and I'm drawing a blank, have now for a couple weeks now- if you guys have any ideas on projects I could do, no matter what it is- let me know! I could use some ideas! I have too much time on my hands to think about all the things that are kinda hard right now! I would greatly appreciate any type of idea you bright people out there have!

The world is smaller than you think it is, and the people on it are more beautiful than you think}}

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