Monday, July 26, 2010


"When you take a step towards the Savior, he runs to you" -Erika

I couldn't face the world today. Just having one of those episodes ya know? I slept in crazy-insane late (most of that was due to a really awful night of um.. ZERO sleep), did some laundry, dug through my room again and pulled another huge, industrial-sized garbage bag of stuff out for [Somebody's Attic], then headed back to bed till' about 4pm. Brought in my laundry from off the line [], played with some hemp and beads [thanks.Heather.], while listening to some tunes[blue.october.], slept some more...

I think when I begin to feel rejected in some way (any way?) I start to reject. I turned off my phone, and when I turned it back on didn't bother to get back to people that had text messaged me, called me, etc. I just said "screw it" in my head and turned it back off again.

Just an episode I suppose.
Things got better after I went running.

The inservice went well.
Work tomorrow to look forward to.
Moving out to look forward to.

believe it can be done.

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