Friday, July 30, 2010


.the last couple days have been absolutely madcapped.
I couldn't be more grateful.

First off, Heather's going away party.
Apples to Apples. [you can't go wrong with a good word game]
The most beautiful pink, green, and yellow cupcakes with sprinkles you've ever seen. [& probably some of the most unhealthy]. Chips. Dark Chocolate B.r.o.w.n.i.e.s. Water.
TrampTalk [kinda like HempTalk].
Embarrassing stories. [warm milk, ,wrapping things up, chapstick]
3 shooting stars.
And a whole lot of laughter. Of course.

We decided you can categorize guys&girls into a couple different categories.
Legit. Categories.

the Kiss and Dismiss:
This is where they hang out with you long enough to get some mac&cheese, and then ditch you. Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you OR if you've ever done it... Yeah, that's what I thought.

the Hold Em' and Fold Em':
They hold your hand and... that's about it.

the Hang Out to Make Out:
nough' said.

and.. Double Trouble:

Double dating made into an art.
No single dates.

We're thinking about some other categories but I think we covered the most important ones, and don't worry-we've got some for the ladies also.

the Kiss to Diss:

In UT: the Flirt to Convert:
Come one, you know it's true.

the Lazy or Crazy:
This is a tough one. You're either TOO passive, and don't do enough to snaggle a man, or you're TOO overbearing, which scares the guy away.

I think there was one more, but I can't recall it at the moment. The point is, we had a really good time-and I'm going to miss Heather SO freaking much. MUCH.

Last night was a little wild too.
Fry night at apartment #12.
Karrie came with me last night. It was funny, I didn't realize how many people from SV were there, until Albert mentioned it and tried to get us all to sing our highschool song. What the heck. We had a little jam session, and the food was really good because I was STARVING, I got to see James and we decided to put together a little "crafternoon" (we're gonna make some shirts, paint, just be crafty crafty). Should be fun. Cliff jumping Saturday sometime.

ugh. I'm really excited about the next little while. Apartment. Comedy Show. Fishing. House to myself. Work. Cliff jumping. School. New Job possibly.

Things are feeling better.

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