Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So my family left on vacation this morning at 4am. Which means I have from now until Friday night to get some exciting things done. It's 'OVERHAUL 2010". And thus far I'm feeling pretty productive.

I started outside and cleaned up the front part of our yard ( there's lots of yard though so.. that'll take awhile to do all of it), but the mudroom is done, the computer area, the kitchen. I have the dining room, play room, patio, and living room to do before I'll call it a pretty good day- but I'd like to do the stairs, storage room, and under the stairs before I REALLY call it good. So, that'll be fun.

I like having the house all to myself, and with all the packrats gone I can get rid of loads of stuff. 5 industrial sized garbage bags already and it's not even noon.

I love it!

There are the girls rooms, garage, vanity, bathrooms and showers, isaac's room, the backyard, hallways, stairs, closets, and firepit to get done... and I honestly can't wait. So I must be off!

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