Saturday, October 2, 2010


Headed up the canyon this afternoon after Conference. I didn't make it all the way to the 2nd gate, mostly because it started getting dark, and believe it or not there are STILL mossies up there. So we headed back down ( Tahoe and I). On the way back down an old blue buick was slowing making it's way up the path, navigating past potholes and trying not to high center. We stood by the side of the road with the intention of just letting the old thing pass when the car stopped and a lady got out.

She introduced herself as Pricilla. Sweet name. She asked me how much further it was to the top, if I thought her car would make it, and if there were any turn around spots. I assured her should be fine as long as she drove slow ( I drive a Saturn that is LITERALLY 4 inches off the ground and I made it just fine (although it took forever and a lot of tactical driving). She seemed liked a really nice lady. She's a photographer and was up there getting some last season shots (like me) for her husband as a gift (he was away somewhere). I thought that was really sweet.

We said our farewells and goodlucks and I headed down the trail again. Once at the bottom I decided to wait for a couple minutes to see if she would come back down. That would be scary to get stuck at the top of that thing, in the dark, with no cell service but after about 15-20 minutes a LandRover headed up the trail and I felt like it was ok to leave. Not much I'd be able to do in my flimsy (but fast) little Saturn anyways. And there are always joggers, trail runner, bikers, and backpackers up there roaming about to.

I hope she got some sweet pics.

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