Wednesday, October 20, 2010


OF COURSE. On my busiest day of the school year thus far I decide to not hear my alarm and show up to Math about 15 minutes before it ended. Then it's Institute, PoliSci, TEMPLE!, hopefully see Katie, working out, straightening hair ( isn't it sad that this takes long enough for me actually have to paste it into my schedule?), Math HW and PoliSci readings, making a salad ( yes, I have to pencil that in to) and then head in with Scott to have dinner with Erika&Charles. Then we're helping her with her homework-which could take quite a bit of time (NOT THAT I MIND BECAUSE I LOVE SEEING HER), and then back home.

Where I'll probably do some more homework and hopefully not get to bed to late.

I'm pretty excited about the temple. I think that's what I was going to write about in my last post but couldn't remember what... it.. was. But. I've never done names for my family before. I go in and do other people's family names, or just names in general but Daddy put together and found 12 names for me to do. So today I'm being baptized for 12 women from my family line.

I'll write about that more later. But it's going to be very special. :D

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