Wednesday, October 20, 2010


{I think I'm an inventor.}
Not that I ever cause the inventions in my head to function in reality, but I'd say on average I come up with 3 inventions every day. I had my lava wall idea. The gadget I had in mind that would make it so you'd never have to sweep floors again (I couldn't figure out the mopping part..), but I did come up with one for vacuuming. Music sharing-have couple ideas for that, etc etc. I could fill a book with a list of the ideas I've come up with.

{I think I'm an inventor.}

Psh. Whatever.

I had an opportunity to go and do names for 12 women in my family line today. I've never done that before. I tried really hard to connect with each woman as I was baptized and the spirit during confirmations was amazing. I'm so lucky to have had that opportunity, and my Daddy was a sweetheart for letting me do it. He has some male names so I think next week I'll try and get him to come with me- I'll just do some names that they have there and he can do the male names! I'd love the chance to go do that with my Daddy!
Since I'm talking about the temple I just want to express just how much I learn about the Lord's love for his children while I'm there. That he would provide a place for me to come and worship, feel loved, and (most importantly to me) feel protected and safe from the world is an amazing gift. I think about the world, and all the things in the world that are trying to reach out and snare me and I get scared. Not in a "I'm going to hide in my room forever" kind of scared but... I just worry for my family, my younger siblings especially, my friends, all the people that I care about. I'm worried for my future family and the things that my children will have to fight against and figure out. The world is so big, and it's easy to feel so small.

Going to the temple it's easy for me to see my place in the world, and to remember the perspective and pattern that I'm trying to create for my life. And I need that reminder on a constant basis. I love the temple.

Tonight Scott and I had dinner with Erika and Charles! Their apartment is quaint and cozy- Erika's done an amazing job putting everything together and the spirit there is amazing. I love Erika and I've been so lucky to have gotten to know her. I became her visiting teacher at a time when I needed HER most. She has no idea, but she taught me a lot and the friendship that has come from that has been SO uplifting and meaningful. Her husband is a rockstar and such a sweetheart to her! Dinner was amazing! She made this great chicken with roasted potatoes. I made a mixed green salad and the whole thing was so ENJOYABLE. After dinner Scott and Charles tried to fix some electrical outlets ( sometime during the course of dinner the microwave and fridge lost power) while Erika and I worked on her Nutrition video for school. After they were done with all the electrical stuff they (Scott and Charles) went to go get their adorable new german shephard puppy (named Gunner) while we put finishing touches on her video.
After that we played in their amazing yard with the puppy-ADORABLE for a few minutes, then walked him back and came back to make some dessert.

Chocolate Steamed Pudding with Fresh Raspberries.
Scott and I just about DIED. So good. So easy. So fun.

It was a great night and I had a good time with everyone- just like always.
Next time I've decided to make dinner for THEM.
Lagoon with Meggae and Wisteria hopefully just.. SOMETIME this month.

Content. Absolutely content.

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