Friday, October 22, 2010


{I should definitely start going to bed earlier.}
I've been having some really messed up dreams, and I feel like garbage. Also. I haven't been watching what I eat as carefully so I just feel sluggish and exhausted on top of that. Time to get things back on track.

So this week I've made a concentrated effort to eat more vegetables. I've had 2 delicious salads in the last 2 days and have upped my water intake and I'm serious when I say I've noticed a difference. Slight yes, but a difference. Baby lettuce, tomatoes from our garden, sliced carrots, avacado doused with a little lemon juice. So good! I didn't eat pie last night-which felt awesome. I don't know. Food is such a mental thing for me, and no matter where I go there's ALWAYS social pressure to eat more. I realize it's not intentional but.. it's just easier when everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle and take care of their bodies- and I tend to avoid people that don't do that.

So last night was a victory!

I really want to learn to paint. I've talked about it in several posts. I can sketch. And I'm good with matching colors and textures but I don't know how to paint. I've tried to take a class at uni but you have to be a declared art major to get into any of the classes. Suck. But before I die I will paint something that I will be proud of! I'm not sure what it will be of or anything but.. it will be

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