Monday, November 1, 2010


420am received this text from Daddy.

"Arrived safely in Ballarat. Just had fish and chips."
Totally made my morning.

Just calculated my math grade.
I'm 92 points away from passing.
With the rest of the semester and the remainder of assignments there are 154 more pts possible to receive, not including the 3rd exam in a couple of weeks and the final mid-December.

Meanwhile I need to schedule the building, think of some activities, deliver some flowers and cards, get to the temple, start planning next weeks happenings, get Victoria a birthday present, study for my PoliSci Essay Exam for next week, somehow get to SI's, figure out Institute Choir, get the house cleaned (at least one more big room), find a date for the IWA fun.ness- fit time in for a work out, go grocery shopping later today, hit the bank, put together a phone list for my group, delegate (because I just can't do it all!), clean up the yard, clean animal cages and take the dogs for run, check out some jobs,water all the plants, do something with all the tomatoes- I don't know what to DO with them- anyone out there want any?, sometime today I will HAVE to have a nap ( why can't I get to bed earlier), turn in my math assignment before noon, clean out my car, set up an appt to get it serviced, I should probably mop all the vinyl, Isaac's laundry, start typing up mom's recipes for Christmas presents, call freaking Maurices to get me off their credit card billing list (idiots), try and get a number so I can do online banking and.... that's about it!

Off I go. lol.

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  1. Wow. And yet you still manage to find time to be... bored??? :P Good luck!