Wednesday, November 3, 2010

386 {maybe.we.should.prank.someone}

Arrived in stadium parking the same time he did.
Brushed his hand while getting on the shuttle-totally on accident. [for reals] It happened while I tried to stop myself from tripping over his feet. Marvelous.
Waved to him from the back of the bus when it looked like he glanced over.
Walked behind him the whole way to the engineering building, and then when he finally turned to look at me while holding open the door he realized, that it was me.

Felt weird. Then saw the headphones. Ah, enlightenment.

Later, Matt walked in. I only know his first name. But it's a great first name.
He was wearing an attractive coat and as he slid his manly self past the front of my desk I went to say something and he beat me to it:

"Man, I must be really tired this morning."

MY response?
"Yeah. Totally."


Nothing says "breakfast" like a left over chicken delight and some salt water.
I should probably start eating more than just my fingernails and Crystal Light.
If I were ever to blackmail someone, it would be to get a pound of frankincense, just to see what it looked like.

FHE: "Just pick one!"
And later skipping Institute Choir because the alternative was very enjoyable.

So what about today?
To tell those people, and let them know the deal goes down at 4, OR to go alone and try to gain some kind of guidance? And what about him? Is courage and indifference something I'm going to have to keep faking, or can I break down and let him see the raw hurt that's still festering underneath this play. And which will make me a better, more puzzle pieced together type? Or is the whole point to have a little bit missing so the search never stops?

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  1. cracking UP at the title!! hahaha ooooh man good times