Thursday, November 4, 2010


"How old are you son?"
"I'm 18."
"18?! I have underwear that old!"

Professors Conners: Buddhist hippie. He totally works the university grounds, long gray hair tossing about in the wind when he's not instructing in martial arts. Slightly hunched. Both legs shattered in a tournament earlier on in life. His wife? Don't worry about it ; at least 65 yrs old and is still participating in matches. Did I mention she hasn't lost a major one in 15-17 years? There. Mentioned.

We studied kicking and hooking.
Him and I are buddies (Conners and myself- my PT was one of his students for 15 freaking years- so.. we've got this bond see). He ambled over to me in the midst of the class, everyone practicing with their partners and said slightly under his breath "Do you think I could lose my job by saying the words anus and testicles to help explain some things about this technique?" I lost it. Just started laughing with everyone around me thinking I'm a lunatic. It's fine.

George was sick. SUPER sick. I mean, he still had to come to class because we can only miss so many class periods unexcused. University. Whatever. So he came and lay on the floor for 50 minutes, oh... and still got credit :D. I was partnered with Lizzie, then as she scurried off to the restroom to blow her nose I was partnered with HIM. There's something you should know about HIM. NO ONE wants to be partnered with HIM. HE is just too aggressive. HE doesn't give you time to go slowly through the motions before speeding them up. HE will actually cause you legitimate pain. HE is the one that everyone avoids. WHY he's allowed to be in the class, I really don't know. But in the minute and a half that Lizzie fled I was stuck with him.

Several jammed fingers.
Pretty sure my shin is cracked.
Good thing it was only a freaking minute and half. Prick.

Things That Suck Warmth From My Juicy Veins

Um. this CV cold.
Scary anything (books, movies, stories, pictures, music, people, places, etc)
Goats (goatees)
The TV in Isaac's room (it turns on randomly to white noise)
White noise
Public speaking
Anything that resembles crabs or spiders
The elevator in the Geology building
Slow moving machines (I guess this doesn't freeze my blood as much as it just makes me SUPER uncomfortable)
Pickled things (except cucumbers)
Chalk on chalkboards
"the grid"
Fast food chains