Friday, November 5, 2010


Every early a.m. when I stumble into math class, windblown and barely coherent, Garrett always moves the exact same wheeled chair, in the exact same way, to the exact same spot so I'm not crowded in. It's sweet, but a little OC. Also, he drinks MinuteMaid, a different flavor but same brand every morning. Also? I've never spoken to him. Mostly because everything would come out slurred and broken at that early of an hour. It takes me a couple minutes to settle in, and by the time I'm able to say a couple words that are understandable, Matt tends to walk by my desk.

Today he was wearing a DIFFERENT attractive coat. Bright red.

My alarm disrupted the dream I was having about Birkenstocks and Subauru's. I think it means I'm some kind of Democrat. Maybe a conservative Democrat, if there is such a thing. All I REALLY know is that I believe in higher taxes. Whatever.

Close to the end of class a kid stumbled in who literally probably just got out of bed. Or awoke from the dead. One of the two. He was panting, hair in disarray, not kidding his shirt was inside out. While scurrying to his desk he totally tripped. Face plant.

My professor just busted up. For a good 3-4 minutes.
It was hilarious.

PS. I love this idea. Inspiration Wire

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