Monday, December 13, 2010


Went fishing today for the first time ever.
Had to go to 4 different places to find a spot where we could get the licenses.
Als:No internet
C-A-L Ranch- printer down
Sport Authority- printer down
Wal-mart- it finally happened but took about an hour to get it all sorted out.

So I dunno, all the waiting around and such-not good right now.
Finally made it up to 2nd dam, figured everything out and got started.
It was pretty okay, mostly I just knew that even though I really wasn't into it, I need to get out of the house and be outside or something.

Said I needed to be home by 330 but of course we don't get home until now. Which okay, maybe being late or whatever isn't a big deal to anyone else. But when I say I need to be home by a certain time-get me there on time. It also didn't help that the entire time all I heard was this:

"So, you don't like it?"
"I think Chelsea's had it."
"Okay, one more cast and we'll go.."
30 minutes later
"Okay, just one more and we'll head out"
"Chelsea you're such a wuss, I bring you out here on one of the warmest days in December and you're freezing?!?"
"So, it's not your thing you don't think?"
"You wouldn't want to come again would you?"
30 minutes later
"Okay as soon as I loose this bait we'll go."

It took everything I had not to just head off down the canyon.
I'm just tired.
I'm not going to write again until I have something positive to say.

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  1. oooh myyyy helllllllena.... chelsea. haha wow. i love you!