Saturday, January 1, 2011


{New Years Eve Adventures!}

Gym. Haven't been in a bit because of an inflamed left patella, and my right ankle has been recovering from a sprain that took place whilst playing FHE dodgeball (naturally). It was torturous, and I felt bad because he (Patrick) had to adjust all the exercise to accommodate my current situation. But whatever, it's what he gets paid to do right? Ha. So we've set a couple of goals for January.

After that I came home and watched this adorable little mench for a couple hours:
This is Emma. {look at that puzzable face} So well behaved and already a stand up comedian. She placed the grilled cheese sammy I made for her ON top of her head and giggled like a maniac. SO funny. She also kept trying to mimic our dogs (barking and whining), and danced to the Wiggles- AND while her parents left her with numerous FisherPrice toys all she wanted to do was play with a piece of purple yarn-all afternoon.

And then before I knew it, it was time to jet on over to the Freeman's. We played Kinect-um, it was super weird, but super cool. Robot. That's what I kept thinking "Robot. This thing is going to come alive and take over planet earth". Futuristic technology, it also reminded me of Born Identity-not too sure why but.. some things you simply can't explain. Sarah and I did the dancing battle (so did alot of people), super awkward but I totally kicked trash at "Pon De Replay" against Sarah, and rocked the house at Beach Volleyball.

Um. Really want to play again!

While at the party I got a text from Heather about some DANCE party further up on the east side. We headed up there, it was in a HUGE garage, funky lights, great music, funny people, lots of dancing. Totally broke it up! Danced super hard ( way sore today). Had the countdown, watched some fireworks then had to head back to Katie's really quick to find Zach's wallet.

Found it.
I witnessed a miracle the beginning of 2011. Pretty good way to start it out I'd say.

This morning I've gone through journal entries of 2010- pretty rough year or maybe it just seemed that way because I tend to write when things are either really good, or really hard. But looking back I've come up with my resolution. I've been thinking about it for a couple days because ....while I tend to make new resolution on a daily, and sometimes hourly basis I always try to make 1-2 that I can really concentrate on for the year, while maintaining all the ones I made and accomplished or got further to this last year.

After I made my resolution, I picked up my scriptures and began reading.
I came across this little number after a few minutes:

D&C 108:3
"And arise up and be more careful henceforth in observing your vows, which you have made and do make, and you shall be blessed with exceedingly great blessings"

I hope I am more careful.
2011, I welcome you with open arms!

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