Thursday, December 30, 2010


Pardon me while I take a well deserved "bow for the year 2010 ".


Seriously. The year has felt like nothing but one big 365 act play.
And the last two acts (days) have been brimming with some absolutely spectacular acting; deserving of some kind of {prize}, {ribbon}, or pat on the back at very least. I'll turn around so you can pat my back, then I'll be on my way down my red carpet.

Pat it. Pat it NOW.

The stories.
The moments.
It's a wonder I haven't "exited stage right", if ya know what I mean. But I just keep telling myself over and over....and over again that in a couple years I'll look back at these moments and laugh hysterically. Hopefully funny tears come a'rollin down my face from the giggles and my abs hurt for days because of all the chuckles. And if that doesn't happen I picture myself doing what I'm doing now-constantly thinking "this will eventually be a good memory to look back on".

I don't hate my life. Don't get me wrong.
But we all know the stories and moments I'm talking about. The ones we all enjoy from time to time.

There's one day left till the New Year.
Let's see what stupid things we can make happen before the start of another crazy play.

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