Friday, January 14, 2011


The end of week 1. Already I've heard some of the most amazing and lame comments I've ever heard while attending my classes.

For example:

"We all know that most cults start in California."-remarkable.
I also heard this great mythology : "Ghandi freed India". I've heard others like "Abe Lincoln freed the slaves". So everyone else that played a part just.. doesn't matter right? Am I even IN college? And who WERE the "founding fathers" anyways?

Oh yeah, this was really great also. I walked into my Political Theory class to see this list up on the board:

Ronald Reagan
Martin Luther
Jim Jones (those of you who don't know who this is...preeeety interesting fellow)
Joseph Smith

The question above it read : "What do all these people have in common, besides being people?"
The answer was that they were or are all charismatic leaders. I loved that Voldemort was tucked in there. But was a little disturbed to see that Joseph Smith and Jim Jones were in the same litany together. Also, felt a little weird because I disagreed on America having the best government. In my own opinion the thing WRONG with the US is that are constitution was written for people that lived over 200 years ago. I'm not NOT patriotic but.. come on- It's 2011 and we haven't adjusted our system??- I find it outdated. In a perfect world I say all hail Canada for having the greatest system yet! One that really caters to their citizens.. OH CANADA!

As far as professors I've got:

1 who cried in the class day one.
1 who paces and is obsessed with coffee-pacing-yeah-that'll drive me nuts
1 whose traveled the world and was in the Peace Corps-super legit
1 who told me that "Ghandi freed the slaves" and made me respect him less.
1 who knows how to teach Gospel Doctrine better than anyone I know.

Clubs I've joined?

College Democrats
USU Storytellers
Habitat for Humanity
Black Student Union
and a Creative Writing Club

Clubs I'm considering?

Aggies for Africa
Friends for the Elderly
Serve Other and Find Yourself
Independent Music Club
and Utah State Film

Should be an interesting semester. The goal is to be super involved, survive the semester, then if everything is a "go" my parents are sending me back to Australia to finish up my schooling and possibly begin my life there.

Along with all that I've got a video project that I really want to get working on, and have it be something that can take me somewhere, and work-tonights gonna busy-hopefully end up rollin' around in the green :D Also all my current church responsibilities.

Feels good to be going all day long again.
I think I need a 2nd job.

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