Saturday, January 15, 2011


Back to taking things day by day.

Mummy sit ups are my favorite.
Good music.
I'm glad he's encouraging when I'm so DIScouraged.
Thanks man.

Last night.
Sucky section.
False concern.
Best part was getting to know Nicole better.
Love Kels.

Walking out to my car I realized how ghetto it is out there, and how it feels like me. The theatre sign missing letters and turning colors of an old system. Loved it.

Ate too much once home.
Remembered that I saw Daniel at the gas station. A friendly embrace.
I wish it mattered.

Clair and Cliff helped to salvage the rest of my evening.
Took me forever to finally fall asleep.

Reading Guns, Germs and Steel.
Almonds, Zebras, and Bad Marriages.
Also read Cathedral- which bothered me.

Going back to bed.
When I wake up I'll try again.

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