Wednesday, February 9, 2011



So. Definitely planning on moving out with Heather as soon as she gets back-that's the plan-for now. It's just enough time get some money for those essentials that I don't have, and to find a more steady job. And if nothing comes up between now and then that doesn't take me away from home or something else- IT'S ON. So that's another thing to get excited about.

Life's been a lot better.
It always is once I decide to revert back to what I always forget. To just be real, and get honest. I think I'm pretty good at that anyways, but when it comes to how I'm feeling about things FOR myself, it's easy to justify letting things get to me, brushing things off, letting things fester. And then I remember that I'm worth being real and getting honest about ANYTHING I question.

Might take awhile to get there, but.. I always do.

Slept in today. Didn't mean to but could NOT peel myself from underneath my covers. Felt a little comatose. My body just kinda shuts down sometimes. It's good, because I don't think I could shut it down myself. So I didn't go to class-have Art at 330- I have my sketches done but I missed Monday ( And I think Monday we started our sketch that would take 2 days to finish-meaning that uh.... I won't have that done) Oh well.

I got Saturday off so I can go spend time with {D} and his family.
Friday I think he's gonna come and watch me perform (as long as this other band from Colorado still plans on canceling).

I need some food.
Also. Just found out the deadline for my short stories competition.
March 20th

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