Friday, February 18, 2011


I did it.
I took my story to Dustin to have him look over it. I've never really showed my work to anyone. As I walked over to his office my stomach clenched, I got all sorts of nervous and almost didn't go through with it. The story is honestly a part of my soul-and to put that in the hands of someone else DEFINITELY makes me feel vulnerable. Especially someone so accomplished. I gave him a couple disclaimers, and then nervously bit my nails, played with my phone, twitched my foot and blinked a lot while he read it.

And gave me tons of encouragement. Emphasized the parts that he liked and helped me figure out the tense (because I really struggled with what tense to put it in). He highlighted his favorite lines, gave me a couple links to more contests that are coming up and told me that I definitely need to keep writing and he'll help me whenever I want.

It felt really good.
And now I can go through the tenses, reconstruct the beginning, and figure out my dialogue. Then go through things again with him to polish it up perfectly.
It's going to be great. And I'm glad someone else thinks so also.

He told me I got full credit on my presentation.
Also. Pretty sure I aced my ENVS test.

One of the contests is for the New York Times, supposed to write a piece about "modern love" so basically about sex and relationships. Should be pretty interesting. Totally going to go for it.

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