Sunday, February 20, 2011


Brian Reagan.
Laughed my face off. Abs are tight this morning. Greatest thing I've ever witnessed and it felt good. Way glad I had the opportunity to go and partake of the humor. Thank you Joni!

I sped home and scampered up the stairs ready to hop into bed. Then realized I was starving. Snaggled a bowl of amazing hot soup, finishing readying for bed and burrowed under the covers. I sat there, in bed, sipping my soup and thinking about the day and just felt... calm, satisfied, and happy. Really a perplexing moment. Passed out rapidly with a stomach full of hot goodness, soft blankets, perfect pillows-total dreamless night.

I was woken up early by Daddy (really early). Heaps of snow, needed someone to help him shovel the ramp, driveways, and sidewalks. Somehow got up and dressed to help him, seriously I fell into a coma. It went pretty quickly, and I realized after I went back up to bed that this was a moment I wanted to remember. Waking up early and shoveling snow with my Daddy. I know it's weird, but it was a good thought before I fell back asleep until about 9:45.

Lots of my mind. This isn't going to make sense:

Money making weekends. Expectation and reality. A contest for perfection. Diminishing standards. Being good kids. Enjoying the view. An expensive camera. Homemade chicken noodle soup soup. Fish and Chips. Maple Springs Grove. Irish cooks. Game night. Lips and legs. Food fights and isolation. Back seat. Shirt and shoes off. Ties and vests. Over and done. Sunshine please. Fuel. BOMBSHELL. Fresh vegetables. Presidents day. New hair. Being better. More sleep. Support systems. Prayer. Long drives and fabulous tunes. Specs. Baseball hat. Ha ha ha! Bottlecaps. Friend or Foe? Halo. Writing contest, sketches with value. Uniforms. Strengthen nails. Clean and organize. Family own business nightmares. Live music. Best friend moving. Puppies. Clubs and bars. Strapless disco. Live recording.


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