Saturday, February 26, 2011


This place, is about to blow.

Snowshoeing this morning was absolutely amazing. I've never gone when there's been such beautiful snow. It was soft, and deep, and white, and untouched. Trekking through it with the crew was hhhhhhhhhh. Felt super comfortable, nice steady pace, sun shining, so much laughing-wonderful times. Came home, had just enough time to shower, relax for a bit then head into work.

It sucked.
But I got cut early.
Not that I'm doing anything awesome.
Sitting here trying to get my Response Paper going for "A Rose For Emily". Writers block. But before I head to bed I will have SOMETHING put down on this Word Document so I can have things going for Monday (which is when I'll finish it)

Also. Test. I keep forgetting that part. Ah! 2 tests.

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