Monday, February 28, 2011


{wood to coal to oil to gas}

Bluefin Tuna= sushi
95% of my states food is imported (mostly from California)-that was a surprise.
Urban sprawl
the "gloom and doom"

Spiritual food for thought:

Every act we do should be ratified and approved by the Holy Ghost.

"When you choose to follow Christ, you choose to be a changed." -Ezra Taft Benson-

"Probably the greatest challenge and the most difficult thing you will face in mortal life is to learn to control your thoughts. Those who can control their thoughts have conquered themselves."

"I have come to know that thoughts, like water, will stay on course if you make a place for them to go. Otherwise, our thoughts follow the course of least resistance, always seeking for the lower levels."

Are we controlling where are thoughts take us? Or are our thoughts controlling where we go?


Finding the right words has never really been my problem. It comes easy. The last couple of weeks have thus been interesting. What's even more interesting is that a comment made about an experience in high school is what finally brought all the right words streaming into my mind. And Institute today reaffirmed them powerfully. Who knew that all those awful memories might one day be a help to me? Certainly not me, but I am incredibly grateful, now.

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