Monday, February 28, 2011


I've been worrying about what my plan is for summer. For awhile it felt like I was supposed to stay here, save money, begin an actual foundation for myself in this beautiful valley. That's beginning to change as summer gets closer and closer and as I dislike my current job more and more. It sucks that it's not actually even the job that's the problem-just worn down by fellow coworkers and the insecurity that comes from a fluctuating paycheck and tip deposit. I tried to get on board to be an EFY counselor but it closed a lot sooner than anyone I talked to anticipated and didn't get to the application in time. Thinking about jobs I could try and find that could keep me here doesn't spawn any brilliant ideas..... just ideas that are NOT brilliant.

So. Doing a search for summer jobs away from here cause.. it's all just getting old.
I found something pretty amazing. A job to work in Seattle Washington working with grassroots programs to bring about change in environmental and human rights issues. Walking around, getting people talking, organizing events and spreading the word to help people get informed. Applied. I'll hear back in about a week. Sounds like something I would do, and with ENVS being my major with a minor in writing this would be some great hands on experience out doing what I can see myself doing.

So from now until summer I will apply for one job a day that has something to do with something that I could possibly be interested in. What a fool proof plan this is.

Ready for a new day.

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