Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I will manipulate this ceremony and fragment the events until everyone can see how their past always influences their future. Let's use extremes, shocking characters and irony to lime light the beloved cultures of this "present". An embellishment of tradition, isn't that what it all comes down to? Let's criticize the class system and abolish stratification. Instead of telling a story over a number of decades, why not more a series of flashback? That's what it all really comes down to. Flashbacks. Chain reactions.

Assuming that we all think the same turns any private ideas into commonly held beliefs that, let's face it, stick. Are YOUR curiosities quenched? Or do you know enough to not need them to be entertained?

Mostly what I've taken from life, is that daily life is most often a guise for things more personal and deep that lie underneath yours and my own painted facade. There are social faux pas other people commit we're willing to overlook because of tradition of culture, and those they'll over look for us because of those aforementioned reasons. May none of those concealed experiences drive us to commit a crime of "Emily's" passion. Don't let yourself be forced into companionship with anyone's musing but your own. If they correspond-so be it.

Change your personal dress code. And don't be played like a fool because you look like one.

Everyone has an agenda. Maybe it's time to contrast the difference between expectation and reality. Maybe you should examine the battle you're having between yourself and alter-egos, because if you wanted to make us all feel a little uncomfortable, I am submitting now that you're a success. Top notch baby. I hope the pedestal and spotlights blind those around you, because then it would be JUST you. That matters.

The dead space has been stretched.
You've got the spotlight so seeing just how far is impossible.

Perseverance and determination. Reaching higher and higher. Turning towards the one that matters because understanding is something that we all need. The way we think can't be the way others think. Individualism. Then. The dead space shrinks to almost nothing and we rise from the "ashes" and realign our own stars. Making this moment, THE moment. Patterns.

Sometimes things become so wrong that it simply can't be ignored. Mind over matter is obliterated because the matter is what matters.
The same goes if something is right and good. Ever felt larger than the life you're living? I think there's a moment where you either take that, and take flight- or the ground comes up to meet you and you stand perplexed.

Life's just a blast.
It's moving really fast.
You better stay on top.
Or life will kick you in the -.

Staying on top. That always felt the most uncomfortable and metaphorically my knees were bruised and are. Smooth "skin" over rides that discomfort and it seems the actual surface is more important then presentation or tone. Understanding that 3 minutes ago is what's making the difference. Yes, the sun is still shining outside, and yes that's the only thing that matters. THAT is the surface, and it's smooth. Elements. Just pick an element. Any one will do and can be transformed into something enlightening or destructive.

Who conquered you?
Was it YOU?

Volume hasn't changed. It's constant like the speed of light.
I analyze every second I exist.

At last, something reliable.
Something familiar.
Because does anyone really know the secret, or the combination for this life and where they keep it?

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