Thursday, March 24, 2011


We were talking about Twilight just inside the doors of the TSC. He told me that if he had to choose between Edward or Jacob, he'd choose Jacob's dad because he actually has something going for him. We found out that this particular area of the building is perfect for echoes because our laughter literally ricocheted around off those walls for seconds after we actually controlled ourselves.

It was "See Everyone You Knew In Highschool" day. I must have missed the memo cause you can bet your bottom dollar I would have stayed home in bed had I known. It was okay though, none of them stayed long and we looked at each other and laughed every time one of them departed. Ironically, I also knew HIM in highschool- but it's different. I don't expect anyone to understand.

He'd kept count of everyone that walked by with headphones. I had no idea. 51. That was the count by the time we both headed our different ways. He guessed that was probably out of 240 people that had actually walked by. We also tried to figure out why there were a bunch of people ( guys and girls) with 3 stripes shaved into the side of their head. We figured it was probably for the Japan fundraiser- or a gang. My suggestion that he have that done, and then tell me how it worked out for him made him laugh pretty hard. I'll admit it, I totally wanted him to get beat up so we could joke about how funny it was later.

Some Security guy came to open up the ATM and take out the money. We figured out a way to taser the guy, lure his compadre' out of the van and then steal the van. Landon, who'd stop to chat with us at this point in the conversation asked us "What about the money?" We both said "Screw the money! We'd have the VAN!" at the same time, and all our laughter danced together in that funny little area. Lots of looks, that personally just made me laugh even harder.
I miss the old times. The times when we were both innocent. Making fun of each other, wrestling and playing around, just hanging out and talking about Harry Potter or MSG like it's normal.

We talked about the time that we stuffed him in the cage, designed for kick-boards with a sign that said "Don't Feed The Animals" on it. How he used to really piss me off during the unfortunate time when I had a crush on Bradey. Oh the days. Thank goodness they're over.

Church. We talked about church. He said that any time someone got up to give a talk and started it with the story about how they were called to speak, or a Noah and the Ark joke- it was over. More laughter.

When we went out different ways he pulled me into an embrace and said "I love you"
I didn't say it back.
But I do.
I love you too.

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