Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I really want him to enter his story in an upcoming contest.
And I really want MYSELF to enter it also.

I'm realizing (this is something I tend to realize over and over again depending on where I am in life) that I really don't have anything to lose by putting myself out there. But I might just have everything to gain.

I haven't received a call about the summer job I was planning on.
But I feel as though something else could be in the works (and truth be told I think the ending of this summer tradition will be one that's invigorating-hoping that by not working there maybe some of the "high school" that's still left in me will leave for good-what I mean is, I still feel stuck somewhere between 18-19. I just want to be a grown up)

Thinking about buying life insurance. Been looking at a couple different options and it's just such a good idea in this economy to start at a younger age. And I may have found one that's affordable for me. Pretty exciting stuff. And that sounds very grown up-which is what I'm going for. So I have a couple resumes to drop off at different places, and hopefully some money comes rolling in from all these contest I've entered (feeling really good about my chances)

Wanting to sell my car for some money also. Which reminds me, I need to get my bike serviced for summer. And someone at school wants to buy my charcoal final from me. They even said I should make some copies- that was pretty rad-not gonna lie. Thinking about what other things I can sell-work hopefully picks up, but I can't count on a commission job.

Wow. Life.

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