Tuesday, April 26, 2011

529 {another toast}

He told me he was "original". And I totally agreed.
And then he told me he "tried really hard" to BE original.
And yeah, I agreed again.

I'm writing about it, so obviously I've been thinking about it.
For a few minutes (later) I wondered if there was anything that made me original. I spun through likes and dislikes, what gets me going, what doesn't, my belief system-the things I know, the things I question.. it was then the thought stopped.

{{I realized I didn't care.}}

My every thought could line up with the other 7 billion people on the planet and it wouldn't bother me ( and I really believe it). I'm the opposite of Alex. He told me he was trying to find "his people". Eccentric, really different, whatever things about him make that way-or he thinks make him that way- and that he "couldn't find them". I don't think I actively search for "my people"-probably because I'm unoriginal and as far as I can tell (when it really comes down to it) most of the people I know, fit that description perfectly, hence, I have many people. And the plus is I don't have to "try hard" to "find them".

I think that's something awesome; that me and all my unoriginal friends can have an original time together without trying so hard.

So here's to be unoriginal, it changes lives.

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