Monday, May 2, 2011

532 {sometimes}


Sometimes your impulsive and decide to buy silverware that 1) has knives with NO serrated edges, and 2) when you didn't even bother to find out FIRST if you even HAD to buy silverware.

Sometimes you have to take an extra trip into town to make some returns.

Sometimes you think that the best way to break in your new shoes is to run 6 miles.

Sometimes you get "new shoe" blisters and kinda dislike that you made it 6 miles instead of a reasonable 3.

Sometimes instead of studying for an exam-that you have at 930am-you find yourself outside on the grass drooling whilst napping on a sun absorbent blanket with your canines.

Sometimes you wake and find that you just MISS someone. And you want someone to just sit and talk with about all the things that matter most to you.

Sometimes that means calling someone that you previously had decided to wait on, to call you back.

Sometimes that person answers, and you're happy for a moment.

Sometimes after several days of trying to make some major decisions in your life, you realize that you're about to be on the rag, and are in no shape what so ever to make rational decisions-as much as you might want to, or think that you can-

Sometimes you go and hang out with someone that's been a good experience in your life, and you're still pretty happy.

Sometimes that person pays you a compliment, the kind that matters most.

Sometimes you stay for a couple of hours chatting and watching YouTube videos, and even though you don't care about Zombies or gore you care about the person so you keep being animated and interested, but that's kind of the way you are.

Sometimes it gets late but you don't really want to leave, or stay, as much as you just want to RUN away and never look back.

Sometimes you linger and enjoy some affection with someone who taught you things like "smile and wave!" and you laugh hysterically because things get silly.

And sometimes you know you're pushing limits and that ultimately it will lead to a mistake.

Sometimes you make a mistake.

Sometimes you talk about it, wrap things up, set a date, then head on home to get a good nights sleep.

And sometimes before going to bed, to get things out of your head, you make some killer hot chocolate and lose yourself in Hulu Reality TV (something that involved cooking)

Sometimes it helps for a second.

Sometimes you remember you have a 930 exam that you STILL haven't really done much studying for, suddenly feel exhausted and head to bed.

Sometimes it's like this, a lot.

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