Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So Dustin is basically the man.
It's true that I barely studied for the exam, I think the only part I was worried about was the matching (and why matching is on a final exam in college I can't really explain). So I woke up super early and headed into school to do some last minute cramming. Turns out I didn't really need to.

He decided to make it an open book test! So if I wasn't going to get an A anyways.... I definitely got an A. My grades are looking really good this semester. One more final to go.

Three "A's" and an"A-" is what I'm thinking will happen. Super exciting.
Zack loved my final art project.
Went on an awesome run up around SV hill.
I found Nicolita on FB, definitely would LOVE to hit up China this summer.
And some guy left his number on a napkin for me to find at work tonight.

Pretty good day.
Sore and exhausted.

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