Monday, May 30, 2011


Man. We're gettin' weird.
I dunno, but the last couple of days I've been strolling around with a perma-smile on this mug. Super content. More security than ever before. And I'm just amazed at how good everything feels right now. I know a few reasons for why.

TTOTM (It really was a blessing)
Things with him.
Things with the other him.
Things with Him.
New music downloads.
Progress with the roomies.
Nicole's Bday.
I wrote a song-and it's AWESOME.
In fact... I'm going to post it.

I wrote this FOR Nicole. You won't understand what it's about but it was a success. She laughed really hard. That means it was successful in case you missed that part. Here it is:

The sun just peeked out from behind the clouds.
My family wants to play "Would You Rather"...huh?
I feel like too much has happened for me to be able to get it all down.
Things were getting really crazy, but then a miracle happened. This miracle will give me about a week to figure this out, make a plan, and execute the plan. Thank goodness for miracles. I didn't deserve this one but I learn every day more and more about how merciful my God is. And how thankful I am for that knowledge and the love I know He has for me even though I'm not always valiant. I've met some pretty amazing people lately. People that are helping me to reaffirm all the truths that I've found out for myself and redrawing the line that separates black and white-the way it was before. It's funny the ways in which we readjust or recalculate the path that we're trying to stay on. And interesting how we find that in the least likely places.
I'm really happy right now.

I AM going back to USU. Just got an in with an amazing tutor and I'm going to kick the trash out of all the worthless math I've got to get through. And I will. So help me, I will.


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