Thursday, June 2, 2011


Now that's what I'm talking about.
Last night, when I needed help "the posse" responded.
I just realized that I already have a couple clubs with unwritten rules..and this is a good example.
I love that THAT circle will always be there when things are dire-even though we don't keep in very good contact anymore and it would be stretch to say any of us were still REALLY friends. I like when it really comes down to it-we're there for each other. And for that I will always be grateful.

Congratulations Bradey on your upcoming marriage-may it be a partnership full of love and fun times.

Not getting much work with the weather being this bad and things slowing down at Savannah's. Applying at a couple different places later on this afternoon but for now I've resorted to pulling weeds and cleaning out the garage at my parents place. But at least it's money right.

Then I plan on at least starting to learn a new song on the guitar. I've decided I want to learn at least 5. All easy. Just to have something else to play-and I'll just make up a bunch of different lyrics (cause that's the part where I feel most comfortable). Also, the Vegas song. Really wanna get that thing crackin'.

Last night was great.
Went to a shooting party with Jeff and some of his friends. It was a good time. I totally blew apart a 7 up bottle with a shotgun. It was awesome, and we played around with some other guns. I think my favorite part was just sitting in the pasture enjoying being away from roads and city and people and noise. It was beautiful and as I walked up the hill I thought it would have been a perfect picture moment. But I did not bring my camera. Dag.

Later he came over.
We broke curfew again.

But again, it wasn't my fault :D
He's cute.


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