Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I NEED to get better at taking my camera with me when I go places.
It used to be glued inside my purse, but then it became unglued somehow.
.....Not to articulate today.

Last night was WONDERFUL.
No. It was better than that but my internal thesaurus is on break for the morning.
I got off work early (YES) and decided to go for a drive. I purchased some new music and needed to get away to explore it. The weather is finally beautiful and I HAD to pay tribute towards that. I found myself heading out to Clarkston. So I could see him obviously, but also because it's nothing but green pastures and stretches of perfected blue sky.

It was invigorating:
Windows rolled down, deep bass, speed, minimal traffic.
He opened the door. Eyes lit up all sparkly and the most excited smile stretched across that face.
I am the luckiest girl in the world. We went for a spin over the dam. It's much bigger than I thought. It was like a scene out of a movie. Sunlight radiating across the water, the green leaves from the trees flickering in the light, the sound of a little motorboat making it's way out to a secluded fishing spot. We just walked around talking and laughing and swatting mosquitos.

Next he showed me his thinking spot.
I got this warm feeling inside and couldn't stop smiling.
It's a beautiful spot on the other side of the dam. When the moon is bright and full you can look across it and see the reflection and the lights in the city. I asked him what he thought about when he was there. He told me a little bit and that's when it happened.
I'm falling in love with him.
I've started the descent.

Next we headed across the "short divide" to Cutler. I'd never been there before but it was the perfect night to go on a little adventure. We watched the train trundle slowly by, then got out and took to the tracks. It was starting to get dark but the rails were strangely illuminated. We crossed the first bridge- "Hobo Bridge" as he put it because apparently there are sleeping bags and other things laying strewn all over the place down there-it was a little nerve racking. Mostly because I have ZERO depth perception in the dark. Also because of potential hobos. It was pretty funny, he told me that when he goes up there he likes to walk along the edge where on the otherside there's a 60ft drop-he's an adrenaline junky. Then he said "But you probably won't let me do that huh?" I just laughed because.. he's right. No way in the world was I going to let him perform that little stunt. Though he did clamber down onto some rocks to see if there were people sleeping under there. We crossed and came to the first tunnel.

It was rough standing at the beginning of it waiting for him to check out if things were safe. He disappeared into the dark. I didn't like that. AT ALL. And was thoroughly relieved when I saw him reappear. We walked through, and there was the dam! All lit up and picturesque. We stopped for a few minutes, I watched him throw rocks into it then we decided to make it to the next bridge before turning back. By this time it was really dark. At the second bridge we stopped, looked down, he wanted to spit off of it. So he did. My boyfriend is 12. But it was fun. On the way back we had an amazing discussion about.. well, the past.

We stopped at the cement platform and sat down to enjoy the sound of rushing water and each others company. Down on the walkway we saw a racoon skittering about and we threw some more rocks in. After talking for a little bit it was time to face the tunnel again. That was hard but once through I could breathe easy, across the last bridge and back to the moonlit tracks.

On the drive back we talked about silly things, listened to some amazing music and just.. enjoyed the evening breeze. We sat and talked in his driveway for a few hours. Several hours. Had some fun, and then it was 4am and the light in his parents room flickered on. I guess they get up THAT early for work um.. just about every day.
We're getting bad and blowing off curfew, but recommitted last night to it. We both need to be better about that. We both WILL be better about it.

I drove quietly as I could away and he slipped inside the back door.
Great night. WISH I would have brought my camera.

Tonight I think I'm showing him the abandoned house in the city adjacent to mine.
No. I won't be going inside with him, and I don't think I'll actually LET him go inside, just how I wouldn't let him walk along the edge of that bridge. But I'll certainly let him look at it.. from the outside.. standing back from the road..

Very happy.
And today I'm spending my day at B. Lake with some old friends from Sville!

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