Friday, December 9, 2011


He loved the purple eye shadow and the sparklies even though it was light, and he liked my hair. It was awesome! Totally stared at me the entire ride into town. Kept saying how beautiful I looked. Not gonna lie, it felt pretty awesome-especially since earlier that morning I'd broken down in the Kohls dressing room because I couldn't find anything that would somewhat hide my baby bump. Pretty sad moment. My poor mother lol. He looked pretty sharp to in his jacket, hair all done and shaved. He looked GOOD. Our pictures are gonna be boss. We only got some of them done because the battery died on the camera so we'll reunite on Sunday to get the last of them. We want some silly ones and I was some more romantic ones. Today I get to decide what we do. I wanted to go up to Maple Grove Springs for the afternoon but I'm not sure how into hot tubbing he is, or if he even has a suit.

So now I gotta come up with something else- and have everything ready by 3pm. Should be fun though. I hope it is. Also- need to fill out that application. HAVE to do that today no matter what.

"The thought that counted" when he tried to get me those musical lights from Oville and his car broke down instead. LOL.

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