Sunday, December 11, 2011


Last night was the Hanukkah party. Every year Nicole and Clayton throw it and it's honestly the best part of the holiday season. Each time we pick a family to help out for Christmas. This time it was a family with a little 2 year old son whose had some unfortunate and serious medical problems. They've been struggling financially so we all got together, pooled our money and took it to this family. We had muddy buddies, chips and dip, cookies, and all sorts of goodies and then watched "8 Crazy Nights". It's the one time a year I can suck up and stomach Adam Sandler.

He just not my type of funny but.. Clayton loves it and it's tradition. Cristian came with me this time and got to meet everyone. I'm jealous of how he fits in with everyone I've introduced him to, while when we go and do things with his friends I'm awkward and shy and I can't seem to find a way to find comfort in my own skin.

We left after the movie and headed over to Sal's house cause C was hungry for Pah. I ended up sitting on the hardest stool in the world lol. My hips hurt so bad but every other place was taken. While he talked with boys I sat with the girls and heard more horror stories about labor, and breast feeding, and taking care of a baby. It was interesting and everyone drank a lot of wine. The longer the night wore on the more stupid everyone acted and I was MORE than ready when Cristian decided we could go. I'm trying, but that's all I can say as far as his friends. I'm trying. And that's probably all I'll be able to say.

Been a rough couple of days but he's been amazing.
I'm really lucky to have found him and I can't wait to marry him.
Sure things are up and down and sometimes I don't feel as confident but... it's understandable with the way the last 6 months have gone. Hopefully he and his parents are coming out tonight so that we can finish planning this wedding, and I gotta ask Sarah if she's sent out invitations for my bridal shower yet- it's coming up!

Haven't started my final paper yet. I planned on it and then... it didn't happen.

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