Monday, December 12, 2011


Finished my final paper! And a day early too, don't judge- that's actually quite the accomplishment considering my track record for getting things done this semester. Went and took more engagement pics today and I'm hoping some of them worked out. They were outside so I had to wear my coat- had I known I would have brought a different coat for sure! But hopefully something worked out that we can both be happy with. Went and looked around at cake makers/decorators and I think we've got something figured out. And I gave Cristian till' the end of this week to figure out our job situation so hopefully that just somehow.. comes together.

Went up to the temple today for a little lift and I felt a little better.

My family got their tree tonight so we're spending the evening decorating it, the house, and eating peach penguins in between (they are delicious). Probably should have gone and started boxing up my stuff at the apartment today but...didn't. Maybe tomorrow after I go to Juniper to get an application. I didn't get the photography job which blows.... ugh. Just need to keep pushing through this.

I want to write another short story.
I also want to move to Tahiti.

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