Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Finished up some Christmas shopping. Daddy's gonna LOVE his present and hopefully what Talisa and I picked out for Jasmin is good as well. Steph and Bean are covered and now I have to worry about Cristian and this shower tomorrow. Announcements should be ready by the first week of January and things are coming together. Hopefully his parents get out here on Thursday like we've planned to go over everything and man.. am I exhausted.

Mom wants me to go and try on a dress because nothing is fitting anymore, but I'm t sad to tell her that I can't go into clothing stores right now without bursting into tears because I can't stand this baby bulge. I know I"ll be happy in the long run but I can't wear any of the pretty things I used to, and I'm afraid to try on.. ANYTHING because it might result in a meltdown.

I have this thing with my body image, and having a baby bulge really isn't working for me at the moment. Plus its Christmas so I feel as though I'm eating more than I usually would... even though I'm probably not and I have to take baths daily to take away some of the aching that's coming up. Man. I have lots to complain about. But there are good things to. Cristian's finally getting serious about the job situation.. to bad it had to start happening a month before we're married...

But hopefully something turns out. Tomorrow is the shower which should be fun and my daddy, brother, Cristian and maybe Allen and Ray are all going out to dinner and Mission Impossible 2 for "guys night". I'm glad he's spending time with my family.. it means the world to me. I need to get a body pillow, and start using another pillow to help my back-it's starting to get sore because my hips are widening.. oh pregnancy lol.

Ready for a bath, and maybe a small nap before I head home for the night.

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