Monday, January 23, 2012


Hey, I'm married now :D

After all the stress and planning... and crying over the stress and planning the ceremony finally happened. And what an absolutely perfect day it was :D. Sure there was rain and snow which kept a lot of people from being able to make it due to canyon weather, and yeah it didn't go EXACTLY the way I imagined it.. but it was better. I'm so grateful for all the people that helped make my day as special as it was. The flowers, decorations, music selection, toasts, friends, etc... I've never been so happy in my entire life. Or as tired lol.

I was so nervous to walk down the aisle-thank goodness my daddy was there for me to hold onto, and seeing Cristian up there all done up in his suit and looking good helped calm me down as I made my way to the front. And yes, he almost started crying when he saw me in my dress all dolled up and beautiful. He couldn't stop staring, and neither could I. I can't remember any of what my daddy said before the actually exchanging of rings..I'm sure it was beautiful though. I thought he would be all nervous and stuttering when it came to vows and saying I do- but the truth is I've never heard him sound more sure of anything since we've been together. Looked me dead in the eye, gripped my hands and said those precious little words. I told myself I wouldn't I didn't.. but the tears were there when I said them to.

Michael was such a star also. "Cannon" on the way in, and then "Dawn" from Pride and Prejudice during the signing of the license and walking out. It was beautiful, and we both couldn't stop smiling.

It was wonderful to see everyone that could come, and I'm so glad I had all my sisters there to help me with my dress, hair, and veil. Sighs... I am very blessed. Pictures, the dinner, and the cutting of the cake were all a blurr but I will never forget the best man's toast, my sister Jasmin's toast or the one that Cristian gave to me. I've never heard such nice things said about me, and yes I got all choked up.

The dance wasn't too successful but.. whatever.

And when it came time to sneak out of there I started sobbing as I told my parents goodbye and thank you. My family has helped me through so much the last couple of months.. not just with this wedding but with this new experience of being pregnant and anticipating motherhood. I hope one day I'm just as good or close to what my parents have been for me... for my children- starting with Violet who's due in just 4 MONTHS!!

I would write more...
...but I'm overwhelmed.

What a good day. :D

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