Sunday, June 7, 2009

(100) one bee boppin' hundred!

First of all- my siblings + daddy jetted off this morning for California. Without. Me. I didn't think I would mind t00 much, because of work and other pressing obligations; I mean.. blessings & opportunities. [being an "adult" is pretty wiz-wackin'' lame sometimes], but that was before I discovered they were going to Disney Land. Without. Me!! It felt like being stamped in the gut with a couple {3-4} serrated knives, and then after the excruciating twist and pull- OR twist and shout (either are applicable)-, turning around to find out that the razor sharp edges had been laced with arsenic that won't kick into affect until years later. Ya know, about the time that I've been married and maybe have had my 1st little tyke. Career going strong and all my hopes and dreams an actual reality.....

I'm missing out on Earth's "happiest place". Sidelined again!

But this is my 100th log! And I've been meditating about a UOF (unique or fun) way to commemorate this entry. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened today- and my imagination feels as though it's been shot, then shot again. (So no fabricated tale from "ms. thang"- I wish not only myself used this placebo surname).

I think we all knew there was going to be some sort of litany involved. And so.

100 Things That Are ACTUALLY Cool:

1. Venus Fly Traps {ps. I just fed mine a lil' smokie! Ah yeah!}
2. Any stick shift automobile {R.I.P. Lucy}
3. Slider cell phones, or cell phones with keyboards!
4. The word : Bodacious
5. Spontinaety and the good times that roll
6. Wallace and Gromit episodes
7. Tarping
8. Making out in [[[forbidden]]] places: Boys dorm, walk-in freezer, etc
9. Sporks
10. The American West Heritage Center [first job ever]
11. Honking and waving the OTHER way
12. Jellies {the shoes}
13. Overalls :D
14. Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir [[check em' out]]
15. Sugarfree Cherry Snowcones from the Rainbow Shack- thank you Talisa for snagglin' the employment
16. USU's Art Department & displays
17. Calvin and Hobbes & Dilbert
18. Grapefruit
19. Smithfield's Plant a Tree Committee
20. Lava lamps, 80's shoelaces, and glow in the dark stick ons
21. Dr. Seuss
22. Anything Apple. {Mac's, Ipods, etc} More specifically (PRODUCT RED)
23. The Office & The Cosby Show
24. Record players
25. Thunder, lightening, rain, wind {aka Storms}
26. Dannaluccata Sicily
27. Pin cameras
28. Yoga
29. Chocolate
30. Engineers WithOut Borders and VIDA
31. Um. Earth.
32. Genealogy, Family History, etc
33. Air conditioning, in-floor heating
34. The 1969 Conspiracy involving the Moon
35. Old people
36. National Geographic
37. American Entertainment {movies and music}
38. Bob sledding
39. Bows and Arrows
40. Fiber Optic Grass
41. Holograms
42.Parachuting, Sky Diving, Free falling, etc
43.Ha! Wall paper
44. Need I say more?

45. The Electric Violin
46. Braces & glasses
47. Smart cars and Subaru's
48. Gardening and conserving
49. Night goggles, Walkie-talkies, Bullet Proof Vests, etc
50. Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen movies
51. The Westing Game
52. The names: Sebastien, Atticus, Turtle and Adia
53. Whistling and skipping rocks
54. Hitch hiking
56. Federal Ave. and Penny Lane
57. Mustard
58. Double takes and Inside jokes
59. Oceans and the life in them
60. Flying
61. Normal toothbrushes {screw the electric!}
62. Anything handmade
63. AMUWAN {Acronymns, made-up words, and nonsense}
64. Instant Photo Kiosks
65. The song "Pizza Day" by the Aquabats
66. Heber City Utah
67. Gleeking (sp?) {and then pretending you didn't}
68. Bowling shoes and of course, bowling
69. Word and/or Trivia games
70. Brussel Sprouts and History {for some reason they just GO together}
71. Summerfest
72. The Albequerque Hot Air Balloon Festival {wahoo! I'm going this year!}
73. Silly Putty and Gack
74. Farmers Market!!!
75. Pod Casting
76. Urban Dictionary
77. The Sunday Drum Circle
78. Rocky Votolato {he's another guy to check out}
79. Gerald Holtom {and another..}
80. Vaccinations
81. Karalee flowers
82. the White Rollercoaster at Lagoon
83. Fun facts about anything and everything
84. Not expecting to, but getting off work early
85. Road trippin' with no real plan in mind
86. Late night giggle sessions
87. Instant mashed potatoes
88. Puppies that are thrilled when you come home, even if you've only been gone for about 5 min...
89. the Multicultural Club up on campus
90. Using quotes from movies in real life situations, conversations, or confrontations :D
91. Sunglasses and dreadlocks
92. the Kiabab squirrel
93. N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys, and 98 Degrees {but N' Sync rule}
94. The word : Prudent
95. Water Bears {if you don't know what these are- find out}
96. Inverted numbers, palindromes, and oxymorons
97. Thermodynamics
98. Going barefoot
99. Real life madlibs
100. Making lists

:) I can't wait till entry # 200.

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  1. gotta LOVE #8. 92 made me laugh too... among others but those are the ones that i feel the most connection with you. although WE never made out in forbidden places... not to insinuate that but we did make out in the same places... enough of that subject (actually we never did make it to the walk-in)