Sunday, July 19, 2009


The stars aligned. Alined? All-ieynd? I'm feeling far to lazy to look up that word. But the stars did THAT yesterday and I was able to spend a sidereal day at Lagoon with my soul mate [[[Meggae Reggae]]].

And frankly, it was one of the sans pareil dawn-to-dusks I've had in a blue moon!! Looping, excruciating brain freezes, flying high with gelastic giggling till our guts cringed, freaking out on all the thrilling rides, dealing/NOT dealing with that embarrassing moment while waiting to hop aboard the rocket, nearly falling asleep, and OFF the swings, oh... and that and gnidniwer time back to JLI.

I was hoping that our reunion wouldn't paint another picture of our unique friendship. that word sounds so flimsy compared to what I feel about it. How about...[entente' cordiale']? THERE. It always sounds so... CHOICE in a different tongue. You know how you peer back on something that was just so FG&C [flawless, good, and comfortable]?, and you don't want it to anthologize, and you always want to enshrine it that particular way. Well. that's how this was. I didn't want yesterday to alter or novel what we had {negatively}, the way that I looked back on my friendship with Megan. And because it had been almost a year since we'd seen each other (though we talk every day) I really was querulous about it. It wasn't that I thought we wouldn't get along, it was just that I was anxious about the way that we would relate to each other. That was the part I didn't want to .. about face..

And what kismet! It hadn't! At all! I could talk to her about EVER. E. THING, just like old times and vice versa. Thank goodness for that!!

In other news, my new lifestyle is slowly coming around, and I'm starting to feel good again. I haven't talked to Manny for a few days (2) and I'm feeling a little bit calmer about the future. My niece & nephew have gone to their other grandma's house for the weekend so we can detonate any bombs that have been placed, clean up the bat cave, wash the dogs (& ourselves) and recoop for their return on Monday. Love those kids, but we definitley need the break.

Also. It's Sunday. And I haven't visited the Warren's for a couple weeks. Time to make a stop to make sure things are going well, and that Shelbs is all ready to go to Iowa. Also I gotta return Runaway Bride, and As Good As It Gets to Nicole. And uh... yeah.

Sacrament at 2.
It's nice having some down time.
Yes. Indeed.

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