Monday, August 10, 2009


Old people drive me crazy. Yeah, I said it.
And everything that's happened this last week makes sense because I found out that Derrick.. .the guy that has my fate in his hands.. is a good 85 years old. Oh, and also. He's retired.. he just comes back for the summers to teach 3 advanced geography courses.

I finally managed to speak with him. After sending him numerous emails and spending countless minutes (at least it's not hours) outside that blasted office door. Tami finally gave me his home phone. Did I call? You best believe it! Did it accomplish anything? Not in the least because he couldn't hear me even though I was basically shouting into the phone. He didn't understand what I was asking him to do for me. And we left on an uncertain note because I'm more than 90% positive that he didn't write down my email that right way. Oh. and I'd be surprised if he even knew how to DO email.

So where is this getting me? Nowhere. Nowhere. Nowhere. That word looks funny if you keep writing it. Nowhere.
I'm making Daddy call him tonight.. because I can't do this anymore. How many times can you try and get a hold of somebody before the whole thing becomes obsolete, stupid, pointless, and wasteful? Well it's like that now. So daddy, I'm handing the reigns over to you.

Old people.

In other news I got my yellow parking pass, turned in my schedule to work, got my schedule for this week, fixed my blasted time card (twice), visited Nicole, ate lunch with Sarah, washed my bedding, cleaned my room (again). Few more things to do:

Clean car/ car wash (maybe)
reassemble bed
Do actual laundry
call daddy (about derrick)
get $950 out of the bank
email Coach
.. and some other odds and ends... like finding another job. I'm glad I have Elements to fall back on. That much is good. But I'd really like something closer to campus, and something that I enjoy a little more. So uh.. I'll do that inbetween all the other junk I've got going on. And if THAT fails, I'll end up house cleaning and doing recpet care for me madre'. Yes yes yes.. indeed.

Today is the 10th. Which means things are going to get better here in about a week. But until then, it's all about survival. Ah yeah

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